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Are you sick of not being on top of your debt?

Stop Living Week to Week

You need Your Budget Wizard Basic Package

Step 1

We have consult with you and set up your budget in our App. You then track your spending real time and start living within your means. We get your debt under control and create a savings plan.


Step 2

As a client of Your Budget Wizard you receive

  • Expert advice from our CPA Accountants
  • Real time tracking of your finances 24/7
  • A debt management plan if requested
  • Payment obligations to creditors are prioritised
  • Daily update of income and expenses
  • Calendar reminders of upcoming bills
  • Bill alerts if you are about to go over budget
  • Upload your expense receipts
  • Print Reports& Graphs

Step 3

Our consultants will call you, complete our budget form for you, set up your budget in Your Budget Wizard App and guide you through our easy to use App.


Step 4

Start recording your finances in real time and have a snapshot of your finances available 24/7.


“ Your Budget Wizard has really helped me get out of a mess of debt. I had 3 credit cards. I have paid off two cards and reduced the credit limit on my third. I am now used to budgeting and really watch where I spend my money. I have set up a saving plan for my retirement and for the first time feel under control. I didn’t realise that by spending the minimum payment on my cards, it would have taken me 20 years to pay them off. Your Budget Wizard organised a debt reduction offer on my behalf and it saved me over $10,000. I can thank them enough!”-Sarah Pohle from Mooroolbark

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