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The average Australian household is juggling multiple debts from mortgages to credit cards and personal loans. The cost of living in Australia has risen dramatically and we see the effects of this on our clients. Debt does not discriminate it affects high and low income households.

Interest and bank charges quickly add up and before you know it, you start receiving regular reminder and final notices. Often it only takes a month of unexpected expenses to push you to the limit.

Our accountants liaise with creditors on your behalf and suggest alternatives to save you thousands of dollars in interest.

We tailor a plan to look at your total debt, analyse the mix of debt and take a long term view to get you back in the green.

Imagine not stressing when bills come any more. Imagine knowing where you are at financially and feeling comfortable, with a realistic and flexible plan for the future.

We realise that every household financial situation is different and so one situation fits all.

We have a consultation with you to analyse your financial situation and we look at how we can compare credit cards and loans and in some circumstances amalgamate loans.

Your Budget plan is free for you to keep and you are under no obligation to become a client of Your Budget Wizard.

We charge you a one off, risk free consultation fee. If we don’t save you at least the amount of your fee, we refund it automatically, so you are never out of pocket.


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